The benefits to keeping a clean office space are countless. It’s a relief to know your cubicle will be clean when you get to work. A professional office cleaning company is affordable and can keep your work environment consistently clean. After all, we spend an average of forty-seven hours a week at work. So, is your Clearwater building overdue for a deep cleansing? Or just in need of weekly bathroom maintenance? Then, it’s time to call Emerald Facility Management!

Make Sure Office Restrooms Are Germ-Free

It’s no surprise that restrooms are germ-filled areas. What’s worse is that bad-smelling odors could cause the space to seem dirtier even if the bathroom looks clean. Dirty restrooms are also a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. These issues can lead to illness and health problems in the workplace. Help keep your employees healthy and happy by hiring a Clearwater office cleaning company!

Keeping Clearwater Kitchens Clean

Unfortunately, restrooms are not the only area in the workplace to harbor toxins and bacteria. Kitchens and break rooms can also host plenty of bacteria and mold if not maintained. It’s important to set expectations and rules for employees to help keep the space clean. Hiring a weekly office cleaning company will ensure you manage the mess in the kitchen. Otherwise, the grime and clutter can quickly get out of hand.

High Rise Window Cleaning and More!

Washing the windows of the high rises and skyscrapers of Clearwater is not an easy task. Proper window cleaning requires specific tools and skills, as well as professional training. Emerald Facility Management is fully certified to provide high-rise window treatment by using the most efficient equipment and techniques available today.

But our services don’t stop at bathrooms and windows. As a full-service office cleaning company, we also offer:

  • Fumigation and sanitation
  • Duct and air conditioning washing
  • Pressure washing
  • Roof cleaning

Call Your Clearwater Office Cleaning Company

At Emerald Facility Management, our goal is to provide the best commercial cleaning services to local companies and organizations in Clearwater. Our commercial office cleaning company has over 30 years of experience. And with both local and international expertise, we bring a broad range of knowledge and skill to the table regardless of what type of facility we are maintaining.

Bundle and Save

Don’t forget to ask us about our bundled services for a greater discount. We can help you to make a suitable plan to meet your daily, weekly, monthly, or occasional need. Also, we can set up routine services for your convenience. Our bundle options include:

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly office cleanings
  • Ad hoc packages
  • Per occasion for special events

So, if you have a Clearwater business in need of one-time, weekly, or monthly janitorial services, contact Emerald Facility Management or give us a call at (727) 249-5175.