Roof Cleaning: Commercial Pressure Washing vs. Chlorine Bleach

Roof Cleaning: Commercial Pressure Washing vs. Chlorine Bleach

Your roof needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Organisms such as algae, lichens, and moss feed off organic material in shingles. Clearwater is particularly prone to this due to the high levels of humidity we experience annually. The longer your shingles and eaves go untreated, the more damage these growths can cause. However, when researching commercial pressure washing services, business owners and property managers may find the information to be confusing. To assist you in choosing the appropriate contractor, we’ll go over why commercial pressure washing makes the difference you need to maintain your building’s professional appearance with ease.

The Chlorine Bleach Method

While usually inexpensive and quick, chlorine bleach will corrode your roof fixtures. It’s also toxic to the environment, especially when used in high-strength concentrations and not rinsed properly. This is a very common method that inexperienced roof cleaning contractors use in Clearwater. The cost of using chlorine bleach is comparable to that of commercial pressure washing, so choosing this method will not save you in costs.

Pros: The bleach effectively removes dark spots and stains.

Cons: Results may not be instant, particularly when moss and lichen colonies are involved. The fumes can be toxic and may pose harm to people if exposed. May cause discoloration of dark roofs.

Note that many roof cleaning contractors who use chlorine bleach typically don’t advertise that they use bleach. Wetting down plants during treatment, using a runoff recovery system, or covering plants during the process are all indicative of harsh chemicals being used.

The Commercial Pressure Washing Method

Some roof cleaning contractors use high-pressure water to remove stains, algae, leaves, sticks, and more.

Pros: Debris is eliminated quickly, effectively, and without damaging the roof.

Cons: Requires scaling heights and experience with equipment.

Many property managers and building owners avoid pressure washing because they do not have the right equipment or experience to do the job properly themselves, or they want to avoid the risk of injuring themselves. This is why hiring the experts in Clearwater is the safest and most effective way to get your roof sparkling clean.

Emerald Facility Management — Professional Industrial Cleaners

Knowing the pros and cons of these methods of roof cleaning is critical when deciding whom to hire for the job. Our commercial pressure washing technicians will be able to strip away layers of dirt, moss, and mold without stripping away your roofing materials. If your building’s shingles and eaves are looking dingy, call Emerald Facility Management in Clearwater. We want your office to impress all that see it. We always follow up to make sure you are completely satisfied with our work. For dependable technicians and competitive pricing, call us today at 813-293-4077.