There are several ways to approach office cleaning services. Some operations are small enough that you can assign tasks to your employees, but not all businesses in Clearwater can do so without compromising quality. This is where professionals can provide assistance. There is no ‘one-way-suits-all’ when it comes to keeping things sanitary and sparkling. If you are curious about which approach is the best match for your corporation, read on!

In-House Office Cleaning Services

By opting to use existing employees, there is potential for savings since you’re not seeking outside utilities. But try to see things from a worker’s perspective— if you were hired to complete specific tasks that pertain to the company mission, how would you feel scrubbing toilets and restocking soap every Tuesday? We understand that some startups in Clearwater are ‘all hands on deck,’ but most individuals would prefer to focus on their responsibilities instead of office cleaning services. While it is possible to benefit, the potential drawbacks are overpowering:

  • Inconsistent schedule
  • Lack of communication
  • Disgruntled employees
  • Periodic forgetfulness
  • Diminished effort

While you may only suffer one or two of these drawbacks, it’s enough to affect the workplace climate. A pressing deadline takes precedence over filling the paper towel dispenser. The person who was supposed to wash the entryway windows was out that day because their child was home sick from school. Those who are frustrated by the additional tasks on top of their workload may not give their best effort when sanitizing door handles and sinks. Whatever the case, in-house options are not reliable long-term.

Professional Office Cleaning Services

With professional office cleaning services, your Clearwater business will be in good shape throughout the entire year. Most offer flexible scheduling, whether you want them to come in every morning and serve as janitors or just once a month after the workday is complete. Not only will they keep bathroom materials stocked, but they will also communicate concerns, like leaky faucets or running toilets. It’s wishful thinking to assume that employees will remember to double check the soap dispenser levels or point out water stains above their cubicle. After all, they were hired for alternate tasks at your corporation. Show your employees respect by letting them do their job.

Emerald Facility Management for Office Cleaning Services

Office cleaning services are amongst Emerald Facility Management’s offerings. Customized plans allow Clearwater CEOs to select what is necessary, like:

  • Restroom management, like restocking and sanitizing surfaces
  • Trash removal, disposal, and bag replacement
  • Vacuuming or shampooing carpeting
  • Sweeping, mopping or waxing floors
  • Interior window washing

Our licensed workers will meet your needs, whether you want daily, weekly, or monthly visits in Clearwater, as well as assistance with special events. If you’re considering commercial, industrial or office cleaning services, give Emerald Facility Management a call at 727-249-5175.