An office sees a large amount of foot traffic whether it’s employees or clients. Like any building or indoor area where people spend a lot of time, it is going to get dirty. However, with the proper janitorial services, you can ensure that your Clearwater office gets the deep clean it needs for every new season.

Spring Cleaning

Springtime is synonymous with Spring cleaning. This is the perfect time of year to throw open the blinds and wash windows. After a dreary winter in Clearwater, rely on janitorial services to do blind and curtain touch-ups, carpet cleaning, and window, wall, and roof washing. This will have your workplace looking better than ever and ready to get a great start to a new season.

Summer Cleaning

Summer is the ideal time to do in-depth cleaning because of the warm weather. During this time, many Clearwater businesses also have reduced hours to allow for the enjoyment of friends and family during this vacation season. Therefore, Summer is the best season for more intense janitorial services like fumigation and deep sanitation, when there are fewer people to schedule the cleaning sessions around.

Fall Cleaning

After a wet, rainy, and stormy Summer in Clearwater, Fall is the best season for window washing to clear away the streaks and water spots left behind. Autumn is also an excellent time for duct and air conditioning cleaning, which can help prepare for Winter and the increased use of central heating that you can expect to keep the building warm.

Winter Cleaning

Winter is the prime season for colds, flu, and other sicknesses. This is often because of better weather and environmental conditions for breeding bacteria and other nasty materials. During this season, it is essential to keep your office environment sanitary and clean with routine cleaning services to reduce employee sickness. You want happy, healthy workers, not ones that are hacking and coughing all over the office, getting others sick.

Trust Emerald Facility Management Janitorial Services in Clearwater

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