Working in a messy, filthy environment is not only unpleasant and chaotic, but it can also present many different dangers to your employees’ health. A monthly office cleaning help to support an orderly, positive environment and it’s just plain sanitary.

Hospital cleaning standards provide a prime example as to why regular cleanliness is so important.

The healthcare industry prioritizes infection control because infectious organisms spread quickly in confined environments. The same goes for the food industry. Without regular hand washing, it’s easy to get food contaminated, spreading food-borne illness.

These concerns may not translate to typical St. Petersburg offices, but there are many reasons why a monthly office cleaning can benefit most, if not all offices.

Monthly Office Cleaning Keeps Everyone Healthy

Sharing a St. Petersburg office space and the items in it–cubicles, keyboards, telephones, coffee pots, exposes everyone to each other’s germs. Employees cleaning up their spaces is ideal; however, you can’t always guarantee that they will do that. The more germs that linger in the office space, the easier it is for employees to get sick. That impacts people’s health and can increase the need for paid time off, ultimately affecting the bottom line.

Prevent Injury

Using a monthly cleaning service keeps general areas neat and reduces injuries that can be caused by clutter and spills. It’s much easier to avoid flammable materials from igniting with regular cleanings.

Uphold Your St. Petersburg Office’s Reputation

According to a survey conducted by the U.S. staffing firm Adecco, most employees assess their workplace’s tidiness or messiness as the difference between laziness and efficiency. That affects how they value their workplace and the effort they put into their work. In a 2011 OfficeMax study, 77 percent of adult workers said they didn’t like clutter because it impacts their productivity. Over 50 percent found that disorganization affects their motivation and state of mind, which is especially relevant. A neat and clean environment makes for a productive St. Petersburg office.

You also want to keep in mind that people in the same industries network in and outside of their workspace. Therefore, you don’t want your business to gain a reputation for being filthy.

A monthly office cleaning provides a painless, convenient fix.

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