Whatever kind of business you run in Clearwater, a commercial cleaning company is an asset. Charter schools, restaurants, office buildings, and more make use of this service. Whether you run a big corporate office or a smaller operation downtown, shifting your focus from scrubbing toilets to your professional responsibilities is an effective use of your time and energy. More and more establishments are turning to a commercial cleaning company because these services to ensure that your building is sparkling and sanitary.

Janitorial Services

No one likes having to use a dirty bathroom, and this room can be difficult to monitor consistently. Keep surfaces sanitary and promote comfort for your employees, customers, and partnering clients. Some bosses try to save money by giving employees janitorial responsibilities, but you are misusing your assets. It is to your own detriment and your employee’s frustration. Someone might forget to restock paper towels or toilet paper rolls. To avoid embarrassment, go with the best commercial cleaning company in the Clearwater area to handle your janitorial needs in both cleaning and stocking supplies.

Window Washing

Windows help create a relaxing scene because they let in ample natural light, but they are notorious for getting dirty quickly. Smaller stores may opt to wash their own windows, but larger enterprises should not waste employee time with housekeeping tasks when they could be working on a project or assisting a customer. Atriums create an impressive scene, and the Clearwater sunshine will light up the interior, but these glass structures are difficult to keep spotless. Save yourself the hassle and let a professional commercial cleaning company do the job.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Springtime in Clearwater comes with an increase of allergens, and if you operate a business, members of the public are coming inside every day. Each step they take, it is possible that dirt, germs, and allergens are left behind. Without regular carpet and upholstery maintenance, these particles will be ground deep into the fabric. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to remove them. Hire the best commercial cleaning company to keep your floors clear while removing dirt and debris from the upholstery and carpet. This sets an expectation for cleanliness amongst customers and employees, and it makes a better work environment.

Kitchens Need A Professional Touch

Food, water, and a heat source may be essential to running your establishment in Clearwater, but they are also a recipe for pests. Regular cleaning will keep the pests at bay, but it can be hard to keep your restaurant spotless. Not only is it difficult to get behind stoves and dishwashers, but unexpected events may take your attention from the evening scrub down. A shipment might come in late, and you need all hands on deck, so wiping things down gets overlooked that day. When this happens too many times, you increase the chances of unwanted insects and rodents.

Grease is another element that attracts pests. To keep them at bay, you need to degrease the kitchen. This is no small task, and it takes time and energy to dismantle the exhaust hoods. After a long day of prepping food, disassembling the grease trap to drain it is probably the last thing on your mind. Add in the need for pressure washing and you have a major task on your hands. This procedure is important, so consider teaming with a professional commercial cleaning company in Clearwater.

Get the Best Deal with a Commercial Cleaning Company

As with other industries, the more items in your bundle, the better monthly rate you will receive. If you are ready to pass responsibility over to the best commercial cleaning company in Clearwater, choose Emerald Facility Management. The more services you utilize, the better deal you get. Our staff makes it easy to select what you need by considering:

  • Frequency (daily, weekly, bi-monthly, etc.)
  • Timing (during business hours or after closing)
  • Attention to detail
  • Quality of products used
  • Workers are licensed, insured, and bonded

For consistently sparkling atria, fresh carpeting, and sanitary surfaces, turn to the best commercial cleaning company in Clearwater. Contact Emerald Facility Management to discuss packages and plans to match your needs and budget or give us a call at (727) 249-5175.