At Emerald Facility Management, we are much more than an office cleaning company. We are a partner, dedicated to maintaining the polished and professional image that your St. Petersburg business is known for.

When you make hiring decisions for your team, you only select those candidates that would fit your corporate image. So why should your selection of an office cleaning company be any different? From the restroom to the boardroom, Emerald Facility Management knows how to keep both your property and your image completely spotless. We have been in business for over thirty years, providing janitorial services to other St. Petersburg businesses just like yours.

We strive to achieve the best work environment possible for all of our clients by constantly changing our approach to improving your environment as new and more effective methods are created. We can accommodate every business from small office buildings to entire corporate complexes. No matter how high-traffic your facility, we can keep up with the mess left behind.

Office Cleaning Company Services in St. Petersburg

When you are ready to improve the environment of your office, it is time to hire a company to clean your workspace. No matter where in the St. Petersburg area your business is located, Emerald Facility Management can make your building a clean environment that is a safe place for your employees to work.

As an commercial cleaning company, we offer a variety of services from general cleaning, to carpet cleansing and public space maintenance. Our team can sanitize and wash your walls as well as clean out your ducts and vents. This will prevent allergens from integrating themselves into your workplace. Allergies are a huge problem for sufferers, and when your employees have to miss work, it can really hurt production. We can perform carpet extraction and sanitize upholstered furniture that will blast away allergens so that your staff and guests will be comfortable at all times.

We also pride ourselves on our impressive commercial kitchen sanitation services for St. Petersburg facilities. Whether it is a hotel on the beach or a small kitchen in your building, an office cleaning company can meet your sanitation needs.

Bundle Our Services

As a cost-saving measure, we offer bundled services for your St. Petersburg facility. This can increase efficiency and give you a simple approach to improving your work environment. By allowing our office cleaning company to take on all of your commercial cleaning needs, you will ultimately get the peace of mind you deserve. Then you will be able to focus your attention on other aspects of your business.

Not to mention the overhead costs that you can save. By bundling multiple services, we can give you better prices, allowing you to afford the level of cleanliness you desire. You can be sure that when we leave, everything will be sparkling and sanitary. Ultimately, bundling services with Emerald Facility Management is a smart business decision that can lower your overhead costs and give you the clean environment your St. Petersburg employees require.

Why Do I Need an Office Cleaning Company?

There are many reasons why it is important to maintain a clean work environment, but one of the most important is the health of your employees. Germs can spread around the workplace and carry illness across entire departments. Maintaining a sanitized working environment with the help of an office cleaning company is especially important in the wintertime. During cold and flu season, germs spread at a rapid rate. During the winter months, your employees will be working in close quarters. They will be coming into contact with germ-ridden surfaces on a daily basis. These surfaces can carry germs that will make people sick. This can put a damper on the productivity of your business. In fact, in the United States, there are an average of 36,000 deaths related to the flu every year, and 200,000 hospitalizations. These large figures account for an economic burden of about $83.3 billion every year.

Do not let your business contribute to that figure. Hire an office cleaning company in St. Petersburg. Contact Emerald Facility Management today at 727-249-5175 or contact us online for a quote today.