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High-rise window cleaning should not be approached lightly in Clearwater. Emerald Facility Management offers services you can trust for quality, safety, and efficiency. Glass makes up a large part of many office buildings in Tampa Bay and having shiny, streak-free glass is a big part of keeping a well-maintained appearance.

High-Rise Window Cleaning

Proper high-rise window cleaning requires specific tools, safety gear, skills, and training. At Emerald Facility Management, we use safety equipment and care for our professionals; before they ever scale a building, we make sure each crew member is certified by an independent consultant, is trained for safety, and undergoes continuing education and safety courses to keep up with emerging techniques and best industry practices in Clearwater.

How We Service You

It all depends on who you are and what you need. The first step is getting to know your building. We visit your site and perform an in-depth risk assessment to help us understand what extra safety precautions are necessary. Then we will discuss your needs, what kind of routine you have in mind, and any specific demands that you may have. We work with you to develop a plan and take it from there.

We understand that every business has specific hours of operation, and we are willing to work with you to create the best schedule possible. We are available for:

  • Daily services
  • Weekly services
  • Monthly services
  • Ad hoc services

We are a fully certified to provide high-rise window cleaning by using the most efficient equipment and techniques available today. Here is some of what we can do:

  • Abseiling — this is a technique that requires highly skilled professionals who slide down a rope, which allows them access to the full exterior of your building in Clearwater.
  • Boom Hoist — this is a hoist system that has a spar projecting from the mast, which provides safe and stable grounding for access to any external part of the building at any height.
  • Reach-and-Wash Pole Systems — this is a system that utilizes specially designed, soft bristled brushes and a water hose system to wash away dirt. Reach-and-wash poles have a built-in water filtration system; this is important because demineralizing the water allows us to leave your windows clear and streak-free.
  • Cradle Work — this is a washing system that works by operating gondolas along the side of the building for high-rise window cleaning.
  • Ladder Work — some custom designs may simply need to be washed by hand. We have the ladder mechanisms to ensure we reach every nook and cranny.
  • High-Level Atrium Wash — atriums are difficult to reach, but our professionals at Emerald Facility Management can find the right techniques or combination of tools and techniques to get yours to its best possible state.

We Offer Full Maintenance Services

We do not just specialize in high-rise window cleaning in Clearwater—we do it all. We have over 30 years of experiencing in servicing businesses with full-service facility maintenance assistance.

We provide all the services necessary to keep your Tampa Bay office fresh and professional. Some of our other services include:

  • Wall washing
  • Steam and pressure work
  • Duct and air conditioning washing
  • Blinds and curtain touch ups
  • Deep cleaning of facility restrooms
  • Fumigation and sanitation
  • Window washing
  • Roof washing

That does not include all of our offerings, however, so check out our website to see how else we can help you.

Emerald Can Help With all of your Commercial Maintenance Needs!

If you are ready to see how your Clearwater building can look in its finest state, high-rise window cleaning with Emerald Facility Management can show you. We have the pros, the tools, and the expertise to achieve quality maintenance for any style of building.

Give us a call today to discuss your maintenance needs at 727-249-5175 and to schedule your building assessment.