As a Palm Harbor business owner, you need to monitor your presentation as much as your product or employees. The cleanliness of your facility is as important as the appearance of it. No matter how updated the flooring or faucet levers, dirty footprints and grimy bathroom sinks will prompt customers to reconsider their comfort level. Professional janitorial services are the best way to get things scrubbed and spotless, and keep them that way.

Facilities Aren’t Cleaned To Your Standards

If you’re first in command, your workload is significant. We understand that the time you have to give should be spent wisely, but as you go throughout the facility, pause to observe whether it is cleaned to your standards. You only offer the best products and utilities to your Palm Harbor customers, so the site should align with that caliber. Are there fingerprints on the display case? Do the bathroom mirrors have dried water marks from the sink? How dusty are the surfaces when you run a finger over them? If you discover that your current cleaning regimen needs an overhaul, you should interview companies that provide janitorial services. The investment you make will ensure that you retain customers because your business is a comfortable place for them to be.

Cleaning Schedules are Inconsistent

Do you rely on your staff to keep things sanitary? Many businesses in Palm Harbor do, but the trouble is, there is an increase in inconsistencies when it comes to keeping everything disinfected and dust-free. Your employees should devote their attention to work responsibilities, not making sure the chandelier in your entryway is dusted. A designated team with a set schedule will keep things clean on a regular basis.

Supplies Are Empty or Low On a regular Basis

Empty soap and toilet paper dispensers are an annoyance to anyone who uses your business’ restrooms. By not providing the materials necessary for a seamless and sanitary experience, patrons may question your dedication to quality and cleanliness.

Janitorial Services by Emerald Facility Management

With Emerald Facility Management, you will work with a team that doesn’t overlook any detail. We exceed your standards throughout the entire cleaning process, and we always report maintenance concerns. In addition to janitorial services, we offer assistance with things like window washing to:

Keep your space in Palm Harbor sparkling by calling us at 727-249-5175 to learn more about our janitorial services.