When it comes to pristine and sanitary industrial floors, nothing matters more than exceptional sanitation and a thorough, deep cleansing. Over time, industrial floors become saturated with dirt and grime due to high traffic and heavy machinery. Though many products and methods prove effective, nothing cleans quite like traditional steam. Choosing a cleansing method that is both effective and health-friendly is important. Steam cleaning addresses both of these factors. Finding an industrial floor cleaning company in Clearwater that offers steam washing is important. Here’s how it works:

The Steam Effect

The high temperature of the steam combined with the power of the steam cleaner make for a perfect match. Steam temperatures are so high that they automatically kill bacteria and germs without the use of harsh chemicals. Additionally, tiny steam molecules seep in through the flooring and force out dirt, grime and grease. These problem-causing elements are forced to the surface, which the steam cleaner then wipes away instead of the further imbedding them into the flooring. This is particularly useful when it comes to industrial floor cleaning due to the high traffic of machinery and shoes.

Simple and Efficient Industrial Floor Cleaning

One of the most appealing aspects of steam cleaning is its superior simplicity and effectiveness. With a limited amount of tools and supplies, this type of cleaning is just as effective as using chemicals and mops but less maintenance. Just a steam cleaner and water is needed. Harsh chemicals and extra supplies are not required, which makes the job easier and more affordable. The simple nature of steam cleaning also streamlines the job and means cleanup is a breeze. Mop water does not need to be changed and mops will not need regular washing either. Industrial floor cleaning in Clearwater becomes less of a chore when steaming is involved.

Limited Down-Time with Industrial Steam Cleaning

Other than the time it takes to clean, no other down-time is necessary to air out chemical smells or waits for the floor to dry. Steam, because of its air-like properties, dries quickly, and since vaporized water odorless, airing out a nasty smell is not required. With this type of sanitation method, your business in Clearwater will not lose any precious working time.

Industrial establishments require a method of sanitization that is both efficient and reliable. Chemicals and mops, while they serve a purpose, pose threats to health and require many tools and materials. When it comes to truly ridding flooring with heavy traffic of grime and germs, steam cleaning is the best option. Contact Emerald Facility Management today for the best industrial floor cleaning services in Clearwater!