Keeping your place of business in St. Petersburg neat and tidy means more than dusting and window washing. True, the break room will stay rather clean with a routine wipe-down and the tile floors will shine with regular mopping, but what about the carpet and upholstery in the building? Is the carpet in your office stained? Are you comfortable with potential clients, customers, or business partners sitting in the chairs in your office, or are they dull and degraded from wear and debris?

Adding regular carpet and upholstery cleaning to high-traffic areas in the office is essential to maintaining these surfaces. With regular maintenance, carpet will not need to be replaced or deep-cleaned as often. Upholstered surfaces like office furniture will stay nicer for longer if they are maintained. Here is why it is so important to find a commercial cleaning company who offers carpet and upholstery cleaning in St. Petersburg.

Carpet Maintenance

Maintaining carpet with regular vacuuming is part of a healthy maintenance routine in St. Petersburg. The dirt and soil in carpet is generally three-quarters dry, which means it can be easily removed from the carpet with regular vacuuming. High traffic areas like offices will benefit from regular vacuuming. This preventative measure helps ensure healthy looking carpet and prohibits dirt and debris from settling and causing future problems.

Regular maintenance also rids the carpet of problem-causing allergens and dust mites, which can make employees ill.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Even with regular maintenance, these surfaces will still need a thorough, periodic cleaning. Carpet steaming and washing removes stains and allergens regular vacuuming might not reach. This will keep surfaces looking new and tidy.

Additionally, having professional carpet and upholstery cleaning will help keep the carpet warranty intact. Carpet companies generally offer a wear, stain, and texture warranty, but the conditions of these warranties are rarely explained properly. Within the conditions, many carpet companies require regular, professional cleaning of the carpet in order for a warranty to stay active.

Commercial Cleaning Company for Carpet and Upholstery

Carpet and upholstery cleaning is an important service to consider when searching for a commercial cleaning company. Keep all your surfaces looking pristine and your business in the best of shape with these services. Emerald Facility Management offers full-service cleaning for businesses in St. Petersburg. Let us help today— call 727-249-5175!