Whether you own a healthcare facility or office building in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, or Palm Harbor, you can benefit from the commercial cleaning services provided by Emerald Facility Management. While many companies specialize in only one type of facility, we work for clients who own facilities of all different types and sizes.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Depending on your company’s needs, our visits can range from daily, to weekly, to monthly, to ad hoc. The frequency of our visits will depend on the job at hand and the business’ unique requirements. We are also available for hire to help with special events as needed.

When hiring our team for your St. Petersburg, Clearwater, or Palm Harbor facility, we’ll provide a number of comprehensive commercial cleaning services.


Our team will sanitize and wash all walls for a sparkling clean and professional appearance.

Carpet and Upholstery

Team members will perform carpet extraction and washing using the very best materials and equipment. A sanitary carpet and sanitary furniture pieces mean less allergens stuck in your office affecting your staff and guests.


In addition to carpeting, Emerald Facility Management also specializes in sanitation and upkeep for tile, hardwood, cement, laminate, and more.

Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchen sanitation is necessary for all St. Petersburg, Clearwater, or Palm Harbor facilities. Whether you run a hotel with an on-site kitchen facility or run a school cafeteria, our commercial cleaning services are a smart choice to meet your sanitation needs and standards.

Steam and Pressure Washing

We offer heated water solutions and pressure water solutions both on ground levels and at height depending on the structure of the facility.

Ducts, Vents, and Air Conditioning Units

For jobs with more in-depth requirements, our team has the exact methods to complete the task for healthy, high-quality indoor air.

Blinds and Curtains

We take care of dusty blinds and residue-covered curtains that can pollute the air and affect employees’ and visitors’ respiratory systems.


Our team will give kitchens with large canopies the special attention that they need during the cleansing process.

Washrooms and Laundry Rooms

In rooms where your staff or guests are washing up, you can be sure everything is sparkling and sanitary.

Bundling Services

To cut costs, increase efficiency, and achieve simplicity, we offer a bundled service approach for your St. Petersburg, Clearwater, or Palm Harbor facility. By having us take on all your commercial cleaning needs, you can have peace of mind and lower overhead costs, which is ultimately a smart business decision.

Commercial Cleaning

About Emerald Facility Management

At Emerald Facility Management, our primary goal is to provide quality commercial cleaning and facility service packages to corporate and industrial organizations in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, and neighboring cities. With more than 30 years of experience and expertise from both across international waters and in local areas, we bring extensive knowledge and skill to the table no matter what type of facility we are cleaning.

The commercial cleaning industry is always changing, and we are constantly looking for new, more effective approaches to sanitation. However, it is important that our current and potential clients know that Emerald Facility Management was founded on business principles and family values, so our clients can trust that we’re dedicated to high performance and even higher customer service standards. This strong foundation also means that our dedicated management team and expert staff will take extraordinary measures to ensure that those standards are met on every job site.

We strive to achieve strong customer relationships as our business grows by providing our clients with fast, efficient, and professional service. By protecting and remaining true to our history, we also aim to foster the established business partnerships we have and will continue to make with community organizations.

If you have a St. Petersburg, Clearwater, or Palm Harbor business in need of one-time or repeated commercial cleaning services, give Emerald Facility Management a call today at (727) 249-5175.